Vehicle Solid-state Lidar
General Description

The whole-vehicle Lidar solution provided by ABAX is equipped with AX32 /AX30 series receiving array chips. The sensors can deliver a dense, highly accurate, 3D point cloud for distance up to 200 meters. Based on FLASH transmitting system, ABAX provide the solution of anti-interference technology using pseudo-random sequence coding and demodulation mechanism, high dynamics and low power consumption technology with independent intellectual property rights【Patent No.: CN110389351B】, solve the shortcomings of the tradition FLASH technology such as short ranging, poor anti-interference and low signal-to-noise ratio, and greatly improve the reliability and stability of vehicle Lidar.

Unique features:

●   Flash chip-level solution: pixel-level ranging technology to achieve good detection performance for long and short ranges;

●   Low cost: provide the cost-effective system solution by supplying the receiving and transmitting chips designed independently.

●   High reliability: full solid-state FPA imaging technology, high environmental suitability and integration.

●   High interference immunity: effectively dealing with interferences among different lidar equipment and disturbances by environmental lights.

●   Power management chip integration technology of the whole module: canceling the purchase of automotive grade power supply chips, improving the efficiency of mass production.

Diagram of ABAX whole-vehicle Lidar solution
【Technical parameter】